Keating Memorial Research: Measuring the Effect of Low-carb Ingredients on Blood Sugar

Hey @skaye, it’s amazing to see all of those results, really well done! Will we see you by any chance on one of the upcoming self-research meetings? I know that time is short for all of us so no worries if it’s not possible, but we’re still meeting every Thursday at 10am PDT if you find some time in the upcoming weeks :slight_smile:

One minor thing I noticed: The external circumstances link doesn’t seem to work as it goes to the blogger edit interface :slight_smile:

@skaye this is awesome, and I hope it gets picked up and seen/shared!

In particular, the finding you’ve made for “insoluble fiber” seems like a really big deal. Do you have any sense on whether that’s likely to vary or not from individual to individual?

(I know that question applies more generally, but it seems like there’s some broad implications about diabetes management & nutritional labeling here.)

Thanks! I’ll try to join now that I have more free time. 10a during the week is hard to keep free, though…

Thanks fro catching the broken link. Something changed in Blogger and copy pasting links doesn’t seem to work right. Should be fixed now.

It’s a good question. A lot of people talk about person-to-person variation in how different carbs are metabolized and there’s reasonable hypotheses for why that would be the case (e.g. different microbiome, variations in the enzymes that break down particular linkages). However, I haven’t seen any good controlled studies that show a repeatable person-to-person variation with a large effect size (the anecdotes are always suspect; it’s easy to have confounding factors people aren’t tracking). I’m hoping to get a few other people to repeat the tests I did to see if we can pin one down. I’m also planning to test more low carb ingredients to see if I can get a decent list of BG impact of low carb ingredients on people with impaired glucose tolerance.