Approval for COVID-19 project

Hello! My name is Arno Klein of the Child Mind Institute’s MATTER Lab, posting a review request for, which is applying for project approval on Open Humans. The project is close to launching, and as it says on its current version of the website:

“The Child Mind Institute and Parents Magazine and collaborators* want to help and are here to listen. Please share your fears, frustrations, and hopes as an audio or video recording or text by clicking the link below. After you record your thoughts and feelings, we will ask some questions to learn more about your situation.”

The text for video recording on the site:
Please share your fears, frustrations, and needs, and what is helping you get through this crisis. Your recording can be up to 5 minutes long. You will be able to save the recording for private use or share it publicly, but please avoid using any identifying names or information. It will be transcribed by Google’s transcription service, and you will be able to view a word cloud created from the transcript. We hope that you will come back and record more as a journal of your thoughts and experiences. If you would prefer, you can record audio or type text instead.”

Visitors have an opportunity to elect to contribute their recordings for scientific research. We would like to store these data on Open Humans to make it easier for researchers to collaboratively analyze audio and transcription data.

Should this project be visible and available for all Open Humans members to join?

Please vote Approve or Deny , and/or comment.

Quick links

Project info

  • Title : CrisisLogger
  • Managed by: Arno Klein
  • Description: is a website spearheaded by the Child Mind Institute that urges people to use the website to record their fears, frustrations, and hopes as an audio clip or video, followed by a questionnaire. They will be able to share the recording publicly in its original form or as a transcript, contribute it for scientific research, or make it private. The recordings are transcribed to text and converted to engaging word clouds, accessible via a personal dashboard for each user.
  • Project website:
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Hey @binarybottle,
great to have you here and see the progress CrisisLogger is doing! I thought I’d give it a first pass for review.

I think there’s some minor things that could be improved:

  1. This one is really really minor, but does not have a badge image yet. It would be great if you could add one via so that we can list CrisisLogger more nicely on our side!

  2. I played around with CrisisLogger a bit, and noticed that you don’t have any privacy policy or related in place beyond the short blurb on the front page. It would be great if you could have a slightly more detailed write-up on which data is being collected, what it is being used for, who will be able to access it, and also how to contact you (some inspiration for this can be found here).

These things are more on the concrete implementation of CrisisLogger but I think would be valuable to add as well:

  1. Switching between public/private data: Right now one is only asked right after contributing video/audio/text on whether this data should be shared publicly and whether it should be contributed to science, with no way to change these settings later on. I think having that option would be beneficial to users

  2. In a similar vein, users can’t delete individual video/audio/text contributions I think, leaving them stuck with test recordings etc. It would be nice if one could delete those. There is also no way for people to delete their accounts.

I think at least the first two things are rather straightforward to quickly implement, and even the other two are not too hard to solve :slight_smile:

Thank you, Bastian, for the excellent suggestions!

  1. I have added a badge image with the CrisisLogger logogram.
  2. I added a link to a privacy page that includes the language that a user sees on the website.
  3. Users can now toggle public/private and contribute to science/not for individual files.
  4. Users can now delete individual files on their dashboard.
  5. Users can now delete their account.
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Thanks for the super quick turn around on this @binarybottle! It looks good to me and :+1: from my side with that one.

I think it would be good if you could also link the privacy/data policy from the CrisisLogger website itself (or did I just not find it linked from your frontend?).

And on my iPad and iPhone there’s also some UTF-8 encoding issues when displaying the privacy policy (see screenshot below).

Thank you, Bastian!

I edited my original response to your review to indicate that we made all the changes you recommended.

The Privacy page was made in haste, but we will make a proper page that is consistently formatted later.


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Perfect, then let’s see that we can get some other pairs of eyes on this too :pray:

Thank you Bastian for reviewing this. With user option to delete or change to private I’m in favor of approval.