Approval for Foresight

Hi from Germany,
I’m seeking for approval for my research activity Foresight.
You can read all about it here:
And if you want to have further development updates, please visit
I’m also planning to provide a public GitHub repository for the algorithm implementation.

I’m especially trying to get approved to get access to data sources like Nightscout Data Commons and OpenAPS Data Commons. This way I can test the algorithm with real patient data, which is the main goal of this activity.


Welcome @hannesvoss, it’s great to see this new activity!

As a high level note: activity review is a “last step” for activities. Your activity (e.g. data sharing, online tools, and API access) will technically work right away in all respects – before review – but with three caveats: there’s a warning “alert” on the activity, a cap on the total number of users, and it won’t be “publicly listed” (visible to members). Review and approval is needed to remove restrictions.

Regarding the data you’d like folks to share with you, I think you might want to be seeking the following for continuous glucose monitor data (this data source is what people have been sharing with the data commons):

Please be aware that in Open Humans, data sharing is opt-in: individuals would need to agree to share data with your activity. They do this by joining it. You’ll receive access via random identifiers, and you’ll be able to send them messages (received as emails) to those identifiers. (You can use this feature to collect additional unidentified information from individuals, e.g. via surveys.

There are also three members publicly sharing data here:

And also this more recent addition by @TebbeUbben:

If you’d like the operators of the data commons to share data directly with you (no opt-in by individuals), that’s between you and them, and you wouldn’t have an activity within Open Humans. You might also ask if leaders of other activities if they’re interested in sending a message to their members, letting them know about your activity.

Issues with this activity

The “terms” on your activity page seems to be really short – please think of this section as the equivalent to a “terms of use / data use policy” for a website, or the “informed consent” information a participant reviews in IRB-reviewed research. It should review what is going to be done with an individual and their data.

If this is not a research study reviewed by an ethics board, please be careful with language to avoid misleading individuals into thinking this is the case (i.e. that academic ethics review has occurred).