Effects of smoking on heart rate

When doing the graphs for the quantified flu data visualizations it occurred to me that I accidentally did an interesting experiment this year by ‘quitting’ smoking twice (for 3 weeks in January and now for nearly a week). So I decided to make a quick heart rate plot analogous to the sickness symptom plots around the dates I stopped/started smoking.

And the effect is very neat! Just a few days after quitting my resting heart rate and nightly sleeping heart rate decreases for around 10 bpm. And of course the same effect holds vice versa, a few days after starting to smoke again my HR shoots up 10 bpm again.

Either way, for now I hope I’ll not add to that data collection any more. :wink:

Beautiful visualization and so clearly depicts the positive effect of stopping smoking! Bastian would you by any chance mind sharing the code to make this beautiful plot?

Thanks, glad you like it!

Here’s the notebook with the whole code: https://exploratory.openhumans.org/notebook/86/

It’s a rather ugly mixture of Python for the data processing and R/ggplot2 for the visualization :slight_smile:

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