Fasting effect on hayfever?

Taking a personal log of hay fever symptoms self reporting

Daily wearable and air quality data and temperature inside and out. Fast export data from zero app android.

As a proxy for pollen count, this year I have luftdaten air quality device and sensor. I have one inside and out and have source access to the data . Interesting to note the increase temperatures inside as the sun rises higher in Spring time.

I gave a quick over view on conference call today. Here is a summary. Was disappointed to report to having to start to take an antihistamine. The goal was to avoid this and fasting was the ‘treatment’ I was pursuing this season. However, corona-virus has come along. I was keen to try fasts over 24 hrs but these are not recommended as they weaken the immune system so I concluded this was not wise to try. Also, I have new carer commitment for the elderly and going around sneezing etc. seems socially not appropriate. I continue logging the data and thinking about other ‘treatments’ e.g. finding a type of meditation to practice.

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