Final Results: Hot Shower Effect on Blood Glucose (Community Self-Experiment)

8 Reddit members with diabetes, including myself, just finished a community self-experiment looking at the effect of hot showers on blood glucose. If you’re interested, the final analysis of the data is posted here.

While we were not able to get firm answers to all of our questions, we did get a measure of the effect size and rule out it being a CGM sensor artifact (the leading hypothesis in the original post). We also learned a lot that will help guide future Community Self-Experiments.

Lastly, we’re still really curious about the person-to-person variation of this effect, especially for people without diabetes, so if you’re interested in trying this experiment yourself, please let me know.

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That’s super interesting! I think I just noticed the effect in my own data! I had some rice with avocado and nuts at around 8pm (see annotation in graph), after an afternoon of random snacking (being in lockdown plus just giving up smoking some days ago doesn’t exactly help to not eat all the time).

So the initial drop between the two post-dinner peaks is probably the combined effect of snack food glucose dropping and dinner glucose kicking in, creating the typical bathtub shaped two peaks with slight decrease between.

But the large increase just now is just after I’ve taken a hot shower before going to bed! I don’t see the same effect in the morning, where I also took a shower though!

Wow, I would not have expected that large a result in someone without Diabetes. Any chance you’d be willing to try to reproduce the result?

Sure! I took a shower around 30 minutes ago and don’t see any effect so far. But I’ll take another one tonight after waiting ~1h after dinner and see what happens then!

If you’ve got the time, waiting 2h would be better to minimize and noise from a dinner BG spike.

Sure! It’s not like I need to be anywhere :joy: