Interventions to Improve Sleep

I’m getting back into self-experimentation after being distracted for a while from starting a new job.

This will be my research log for studies I’m doing on sleep. I post incremental updates at and will collate/organize them here for people who want to follow along.

Completed Studies:

  • Effect of melatonin on sleep duration (blinded, pre-registered)
    • Pre-registration, extension
    • Report
    • Summary of Conclusions:
      • Sleep measurements from Apple Watch don’t correlate with manually recorded times asleep.
      • Contemporaneous recording of waking disrupted my sleep, leading to more recalled wake-ups and possibly increased fatigue
      • Melatonin had no observable effect on sleep duration or any other metric examined. It may have an effect that was too small to be observed. However, if true, that’s too small to be of interest/use to me.


  • Does anyone have any suggestions for other supplements or interventions for me to try?

  • I’m also always looking for collaborators for future experiments. If you’re interested in collaborating on scientifically rigorous self-experiments with foods, nootropics, sleep aids, or anything else, let me know.