Keating Memorial Show&Tell Talks

Please join us July 23rd for self-research “show&tell” talks in honor of Steven Keating, hosted by Open Humans and Quantified Self!

(For security and good meeting management, you must RSVP to be admitted to the Zoom!)

If you have a self-research topic to present, be sure to note it in the RSVP.

In January, we started the Keating Memorial Self Research project to celebrate Steven Keating’s passing last year, on July 19, with self-research projects we did together. While the pandemic disrupted many things, many projects continued via our weekly chats!

We would love to see folks share what they did in celebration of Steven’s life and curiosity, on July 23rd.

(If you’d like to share your project, but can’t for this particular event, please let us know – we’d like to find a chance for everyone to share!)