Need datatypes for nobism ubiqum project & QCycle project

Tagging @gedankenstuecke, @azuredominique, and @nobismRogierKoning for potential help. :slight_smile:

I forgot (again) to ensure the partly-implemented “DataTypes” feature is used. Projects affected:

What this is about: Uploaded files should have one or more DataTypes assigned that will be an alternative way of managing data permissions in the future.

The list of DataTypes (note: you can edit to add new ones):

What I need: these projects’ files need DataTypes assigned. Check out the list – edit to a new one if you want – and let me know if one or more DataTypes make sense for the data added by the projects?

Worst case, I’ll call them “Uncategorized”.


Clarification - the nobism project is set up – the issue is the ubiqum project.

I think these are uploaded visualization reports. Not sure what to call that, maybe @gedankenstuecke will have a thought.

it’s not a big deal but I wanted to check in with what people want & be transparent – sorry for the fuss here!

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Oh, I totally forgot about that too! I’m not sure what kind of data @azuredominique plans to deposit with QCycle. But for the Ubiqum Data Visualization/Report sounds good to me. I don’t think we have a similar kind of data so far, so that would be a generic top-level term!

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The nobism project was set already as far as I know. The Ubiqum project isn’t.

I looked through the list of Datatypes and could not find a good one for Ubiqum.

What is made with Ubiqum is a report based on data collected with the nobism app. They create a pdf report with visualizations of personal data and an analysis of all that share data with Ubiqum.

So its based on activity and Self logging data, but its not data, its a resume of it?

I would add a category “Self Logging data report” What do you think?

Apologies–just seeing this.

Data types for QCycle should be:

  1. nightly heart rate every 5 minutes
  2. nightly hrv every 5 minutes
  3. sleep and wake timing
  4. oura sleep stage time series
  5. daily activity
  6. csv uploader for manual dates of menstruation tracking
  7. awake time estimate per night
  8. oura estimate of sleep efficiency.

I can edit and add these to the list – any questions/concerns?

One question is what parent type would you like me to add these under (uncategorized for oura? personal logging for dates of menses? Should we add a parent file for oura outputs?)


I think the current QCycle Project is down — does this show up on you and @madprime 's end?

Error I see is: Invalid field name(s) for model Project: ‘registered_datatypes’, ‘requested_sources’.

I have had all my project data saved on my computer for a bit and hadn’t checked on the portal in a while, so I’m not sure when this happened. But if others want to join I wanted to see that it still worked! (Also --Bastian shoot me a ping because I owe you for your help!)


Oh, huh – seems to load for me… maybe if you want to screenshare I can see the error myself? I’m so sorry you ran into an issue!

@azuredominique I’m working on improving datatypes handling within the site (getting the library to use the APIs, and apps can use that…). Our current default is to tag every upload with every datatype the project has registered, but I want more.

Something you can help with is this screen:

@azuredominique do you think you might explore and choose (or create) datatypes for the three above items? (EDIT 3:30pm Pacific MPB: these pages should be fixed now, sorry!)

Thanks so much for being a patient lead user! :pray: it’s hard to develop things without actual usage :slight_smile:

I coiuld add those items to my app as button so you can easy collect data about it. I can add even more buttons with labels. As option for symptoms I have temperature, intensity, durations. For treatments dose and unit of dose (ml, mg, etc)