Postnatal drop in resting heart rate

Inspired by @sprague’s post about sleeping heart rate I browsed my apple watch heartrate data. (Confession: I’m not usually motivated to look at my own data!)

Stitching together monthly average graphs so you can see all my data at once:

I was struck by the drop at the end of 2018!

But I knew there was a major event that probably explains it: I gave birth on December 26th 2018. (Also lost 20lbs / 9kg in the space of a month. And I had gestational diabetes that went away. A big physiological shift.)

It looks like this is “known” – from this paper, “During pregnancy, the mean maternal heart rate usually increases by an average of 10 to 20 beats per minute” (note: referencing another paper that isn’t as easily accessible). So… totally normal and expected, but I learned something new. :slight_smile: