Prednison and Magic Mushrooms on Clusterheadache attacks

We have a small community that collects data together about treatments and symptoms. One of those is Cluster headache. In 2 plots of attacks and treatments we see on n=1 level an influence of one of the treatments taken.

In the first one its a very serious patient that takes a Prednisone presciption 2 time over 2 years. You see a clear gat that other treatments don’t seem to have.

In the other one it someone with less attacks taking Magic Mushrooms. During the use you see less attacks and after it its gone. Could be a coincidence

The Magic Mushroom results are really interesting! I did see that there is some further research into this already, even a clinical trial is under way apparently:

Did more Nobism user give it a try since?

Yes and aLL those that I saw with improving results, but some don’t manage to break a cycle, like we call it and become pain free.