Resting heart rate vs. exercise and workload patterns

I am going to look into my resting heart rate and its relation with exercise, workload and other context patterns over a period of at least of 3 months.


Do you have any specific hypotheses for how they might relate to each other or is this more exploratory? :slight_smile:

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I really like RHR as a data type because it is relatively easy to collect, there’s pretty good evidence that changes in RHR are a valid signal of changes in overall health (goes up when fighting infection), and it’s a single number that can be compared over time. How are you collecting the data?

I measure RHR with Fitbit (Charge 2) and have already 2-3 years of data.
Definitely seen influence of exercise; now with the work@home I almost do not exercise (just brisk walking) and my RHR is higher than month before.
It can also be overall anxiety.
I will test that hypothesis when it is finished. Would need another month to recover, I think. Will be interesting to see.