Teilnehmer:innen für Interviewstudie gesucht!/Looking for participants for an Interviewstudy

Hi everyone,

I am a researcher from Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, looking for members of Open Humans willing to take part in an interview study. Me and my research team are interested in how and why you collect health related/fitness data, and what you learned from your data, both on your own and collaboratively in the Open Humans community. We would also be curious about your attitude towards data privacy in commercial devices/apps provided via app stores, your opinion about two (hypothetical) EEG data collecting devices, and your wishes and ideas regarding future personal health data collecting devices. The study is part of a larger project funded by the German ministry for education and research. For more information see also: https://www.itas.kit.edu/projekte_baum20_daduhealth.php

The interview would approximately last 30-40 min and can be done via phone, in person in case you don’t live far from Karlsruhe, or zoom, MS Teams or the like. Unfortunately due to practical reasons we have to limit the study to German speaking people, sorry for that.

If you are interested or have any questions, please contact us via: daduhealth-interview@itas.kit.edu

I would be very happy to hear from you!

Greetings from Karlsruhe,


Hi! I’m disappointed to read that this study is restricted to German speakers (I speak only English). I am very passionate about all of the topics you are investigating and would love to contribute my perspectives. I know the answer is probably no, but would you be open to using real-time translation? There are several options for that, including:

  • Google Assistant Interpreter mode is free for Android. We could use it while communicating over any video conferencing tool or over the phone.
  • MS Teams has a parent-teacher conference feature that translates one participant’s speech to text, but the other participant must communicate via text only, which is translated for the speaking participant.
  • There is a Zoom extension that translates the chat in real time.
  • An old-school written interview, my responses to which can be translated later.
  • The best option is probably Skype Translator, which translates both voice and text in real time.

Hi Kaley,

Very happy to hear that you are interested! I am sure we could manage the language barrier with some technical tools and a little bit of patience from your side with our non native speaker level of english:) As we are currently waiting for more participants i wold come back to your offer in a while if thats ok?
Cheers from Karlsruhe! (small town near Frankfurt in case you know that)

Absolutely! Just keep me posted.