Hello from Mad

:wave: Hi all! This is Mad – I thought I’d post here too, even though you may have seen a lot of me already. :smiley:

A bit about me: I have to confess that I hadn’t considered myself much of a self-researcher, although I’m tech-savvy and work with personal data. As a parent, life is pretty busy… I think it’s hard to make time for doing much exploration of my own data. (I think about @Martijn_de_Groot’s point that curiousity alone might not be enough motivation!)

I’ve learned a lot from others, though! And I’m happy to share what I learned. I think… broadly speaking, of the areas I’m interested right now in is my “quality of life” as it relates to my happiness (and stress, etc). I’ve been tracking my mood since spring last year.

Also, more idiosyncratic to me, is that I’m taking testosterone to physiologically transition gender (not sure what my endpoint is here, but it’s been nice so far), and I’ve been trying to track the physiological changes that occur (e.g. voice changes).