Hello! I'm Ollie

Hi Guys,
My name’s Ollie - I live in Manchester in the UK.
I can’t recall how I came across Open Humans but I had the tab open for about a week on my laptop before I finally remembered it (I think that tells you a lot about me…) and I think it sounds like an awesome community!
I’m trying to teach myself data science at the moment and I thought that self-tracking could be a great way to get a really engaging data set to practice on. I’m also extremely involved with meditation and contemplative practices, and I want to try to use real data as much as possible to optimise my practice and spot useful trends.
I’m going to start a project that can help me to see what sort of practice or mindset (e.g. mindfulness, compassion, acceptance, etc.) improves my wellbeing and meditation practice on a day-to-day basis. I’m a little uncertain about what protocol to follow to test this out - or even exactly what question I’m exactly trying to answer. I’m looking to find some similar projects at the moment. Can anybody make any recommendations?
Thanks! :slight_smile:


Hey Ollie, great to have you! I personally learned a ton of my data science skills by doing analyses of my self-tracking data, so that’s a great way of learning something new!

I personally haven’t had a lot of experience with meditation and tracking it, but I think @Agaricus and @skjonas might have some good pointers on that!

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Welcome, nice to meet you! I just joined too and thing this is so cool. Great to meet everyone ( :

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Welcome Ollie! I responded to your project log with some thoughts – I hope it wasn’t too much, I’m still chewing over “mood tracking” as a topic (even if it’s gotten boring to others :joy:) it’s great to have you here. :smiley:

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