Hi, I'm Marcel, diabetic and runner, hoping to combine data about the two

I’m Marcel, type 1 diabetic. Through that, I have become a member of OpenHumans, since I donate the data from my continuous glucose monitor and my insulin pump to OpenHumans for others to do research on (through Nightscout and AndroidAPS, for those with knowledge about #wearenotwaiting, #hackingdiabetes and diy-looping). I’m also a runner and for that I wear a Garmin sports watch a lot. This records data about me as well, especially during physical exercise.
I have been wanting to merge the two databases - my “diabetes data” and my Garmin data - to gain more insight in the effect of physical exercise on my blood glucose levels and insulin sensitivity. Alas, unto now I have never found a method to acces my Garmin data properly and merge the two data sources in a way that I can analyze the two together. I found out now that Quantified-flu accesses Garmin data: maybe I can use a method created there to acces my data and join it with the diabetes data (which is in JSON in a Mongo dbase).
I have done research in social sciences in a distant past, using SPSS. Recently, I did a course in analysis in R. I enjoyed that a lot, but it’s been two years and my skills have become rusty again. Would love to brush them off, though :slight_smile: