Hi! Liz here

Hi! Liz here. Brain cancer patient, turned curious person, turned research novice. (Clearly inspired by our friend whose name is linked to this fantastic project.)

I started running for the first time in my life one year ago this month. Of course, I have tracked my runs and speed. Now I want to experiment with a concept of SPM (strikes per minute) and see if I can increase my running speed by improving my footstrikes per minute. I have >6 months of data or me running normally. I will compare that with what I do during the project period where my goal is to increase SPM.

How do I plan to do it? I am going to create a customized music playlist I will run to featuring music timed >160 bpm (beats per minute). The goal is to sync my foot falls to the beat of the music. As a former punk rock drummer I am pretty decent at locking in to timing. I hope I can sync my feet and achieve more SPM, and see if my average mile time improves. I plan to use Apple Watch and Spotify as tools and log data into spreadsheets.

Oh no! This was just supposed to be an introduction and I told you about my project idea. Oh well, I will post again. Cheers!


What a great project. Will you post details about your data collection process when your on your way? I think the Apple Watch -> Spreadsheet pattern is used a lot but different people do it differently, it’s great to learn from what you learn.

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Hi @thelizarmy! I’m thrilled to have you here :smile: Steven’s advocacy meant a lot to me and I’m hoping this memorial celebration carries his spirit of curiosity forward.

I want to share with others an extraordinary mini-documentary (16m) that features Liz & Steven Keating: https://youtu.be/Glo5zP3sMpM

It’s a powerful story about the power of having access to & recording information about ourselves, curiosity & learning, and sharing what we learn. Please check it out! :heart:


Thank you! I will absolutely share the data. I will start with Google Spreadsheets to keep a live look going. It will be my first time really using my Apple Watch data.