How do you learn X?

I’d like the investigate the question of how do I learn different things from woodworking to artificial intelligence (B). I’d like to perhaps provide a starting point for someone else trying to learn the same topic.

Eventually, I’d like to design my python notebook in such a way that others can easily do the same and if there is interest in pooling that data, perhaps something like C & D could be achieved.

I am curious what other data points would be helpful to add to B? Would most frequent days and time of day be helpful? What about the number of people talked to (like mentors)?

Hi Paula, exposing my ignorance here: what is

Hi Gary, that was supposed to represent any website :slight_smile:

Hm… I wonder if motivation or context for why you’re learning is interesting or recordable. I tend to learn on an immediate need-based basis, as I’m solving a problem or do a thing. (Stack Overflow and random documentation & guides online.) Sometimes I’m learning in a more exploratory way (reading a book or paper or blogpost relevant to some domain I’m interested in), or out of curiosity (often Wikipedia).

But not sure how easy that is to accomplish if the tracking is passive. I guess times of day, days of week, might end up being correlated with different motivations.

How you’re recording (is it rescuetime or a similar productivity/app use tracker?) may be relevant for suggesting additions, and for anyone that wants to try the same thing themselves. :slight_smile:

Oo I like the idea of jotting down motivation!

I am using both a passive app (RescueTime) and one that is more proactive (aTimeLogger). I could add a comment to the aTimeLogger one about motivation :slight_smile:

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Recording intentions seems very powerful and under-used. Really a good idea, I’m going to think about trying this.