How to reuse my own DNA data I get from Biobanks

I got a copy of my own DNA data from Helsinki Biobank, both tested data and imputed data. I was the first one to get A copy of my DNA data from that Helsinki Biobank in Finland, two years after I donated my sample to the Biobank and Finngrn project. There might be others who have also got copies of their DNA data from biobanks - or try to get it. We should cooperate, first check formats, standards and tools and then how to utilize data. Also cooperation with (GDPR) requests is possible. The idea is still quite ”raw”.


Very intriguing idea! I have 23andme data, but I know it’s not complete. Is this the sort of thing you have in mind?

Do you have a particular type of question you’d like to ask?

Regarding health/trait information: it’s rare to find a variant with a noteworthy impact on health/traits that is also a surprise to the individual. (i.e. if it’s a strong effect, usually they already know – either personally or because it runs in their family.) Most people won’t have anything particular impactful at all.

I think the most fun I have with genome data is finding the rarest variants in the genome – the most unusual – and reading literature about those. (Usually it’s a “carrier status” recessive if it’s “real”.)

But I know you’re already genome savvy, and your genome data isn’t changing – there might not be much interesting personal discovery left in it. So… you might have fun also considering doing a self research project about something entirely different – your life or habits. :slight_smile: