I wish to start a new project

Hi everyone

I got introduced to this platform through a you onset Parkinson’s friend.

There are so many things I would love to track to see if I can find answers…

However the most immediate is my withdrawal from a parkinson medication which is known to cause impulse control disorders. I noticed that I had started to become obsessive about researching online, posting on social media etc, so much so that my Parkinson’s mates noticed it. So I did some literature research and lo and behold yes I think I have a developing addiction to the internet.

So I am now slowly weaning off the medication called requip. The thing is that I tried this 2 years ago and had terrible withdrawal symptoms, mainly mental health and fatigue related. So much so that I had to stay on the medication.

However this time I’m on other medications and I am interested to see how I manage. I would like to track how I feel mentally and physically.

Now I’m conscious doing this at a time of a pandemic and the obsession around covid news is perhaps not great timing as it is anxiety inducing in its own right!

However I want to come off these meds. So how to track is the question. Does anyone know if there is a good app that allows you put in your own items you want track?

Anyhow that’s me for now.



Sorry I meant to add that DAWS is the syndrome for having withdrawal symptoms coming off a dopamine agonist and I wish to see what happens qualitatively and quantitatively as I reduce dosage from 4mg to 0mg over the next 6 weeks.