Python notebooks for time series analysis

Hi, @madprime,
thanks for creating this topic.

I am not sure if this is relevant place to put this, feel free to guide me to place in forum, where you discuss analysis of self-research open-time-series.

Here I tried to explain some simple techniques of time-series analysis, which could be potentially applied to any patients self-research data.

It is basic and some other LSTM, unsup.predictive models will come to the second notebook I will prepare.

We discussed some of these methods with @gedankenstuecke and I may also try to upload them to OH notebooks if you have some good examples of time-series to try it on.
Thank you!

The GitHub link seems to be broken somehow? The repo loads but it can’t fetch the commits and will break when trying to access the folder?

Ok wait, I was commiting from the train with phone wifi, probably it was not enough network to finish.
I will try again and update it.

Hey @gedankenstuecke I checked and the notebook was actually loaded. It is the first version, I will add more things soon. Maybe if there are any concrete tasks or datasets it would be interesting to test it on other datasets @nobismRogierKoning

@liubovv Check your mail. I just sended it :slight_smile:

Okay, I could see the notebook now and I’ll check it out!